YouTuber Turbocharges His Swapped Ford Ranger LS

Everyone wants at the least one good pal. The sort of pal you’ll be able to snigger with whereas within the again seat of a patrol automotive. Someone who solely appears at you after you hit them over the pinnacle with a pipe and would not kick you out. If you are one of many fortunate few who will get to have a pal like that, what it is prefer to share a friendship with somebody whose antics solely ignite the flames of your personal loopy aspirations. Sharing friendships like that may take you on adventures nobody will imagine—except it is documented.

In this video, the Kansas clan installs an eBay turbo system of their Ford Ranger. We might by no means know the worth of “X”, as a result of the car has to final lengthy sufficient to succeed in the dyno!

Not many individuals can say they ever had that sort of pal. Maybe that is what made Westen Champlin, the fun-loving and not-so-scientific fanatic so well-liked. He (and his group) frequently brings his 2.4 million subscribers alongside as he goes on any challenge they will dream up with restricted analysis. The Westen Champlin YouTube channel began by documenting the assorted tasks and rebuilding the group had completed. His line has exploded within the final 12 months or two since he began doing the automotive “upgrades” that different individuals solely dream of after they’ve had sufficient of a recent drink. Westen LIVES it, and fortunately, brings its viewers alongside for the journey.

While we’re taking up our very personal Ford Ranger LS, we’ve got to confess that Westen is “going the other way” with the challenge on this video. Westen went by means of all the mathematics and ergonomics and whereas chanting his mantra “If something gets in the way, stop it!” straight to Sawzall.

It Only Has To Live For 10 Minutes!

A typical Westin video lasts about 10-12 minutes. Unlike typical automotive TV exhibits the place they one way or the other handle to rebuild a whole automotive in beneath half-hour (together with commercials and choreographed drama) and drive flawlessly, you’ll be able to guess that Westen’s work will find yourself in a mushroom cloud earlier than the cameras cease recording. While some would view this as a loss, Westen maintains his optimistic angle in life and continues to push the envelope in ways in which have by no means been thought-about earlier than.

If you are the sort of one that has a rigorously organized toolbox filled with instruments for each scenario, you could be in a rush whereas watching Westen work. His antics might not at all times be productive, however they’re entertaining!

Westen’s movies have lately moved to mad scientist stage lately. In this video, Westen and buddies set up a $400 eBay turbo package on a Ford Ranger that is been swapped for an LS. Westen said as they began the celebration shakedown drive, “We don’t know how much (improvement) we’re going to push for it, but we’re just going to push as much as we can.”

Westen made the truck’s maiden voyage with the brand new turbo put in.

Westen admits that a lot of his current tasks have resulted in non-earth-shattering kabooms, and admits that they’ll attempt to change this course going ahead. Unfortunately, somebody uncared for to share a bit of knowledge with the LS engine beneath the hood of a modified Ranger.

Anyway, all of the tough and tumble fabrication work has been completed and the LS junkyard machine is ample. We’ll simply have to attend till the subsequent video comes out to see what engine replaces this one. No matter what it’s, we’re certain it will likely be epic. And presumably, this one was in all probability made to deal with a number of thrusts, so it’d final greater than 10 minutes!

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