What to do for many who don’t see your Covid finish consequence?

It’s the third yr of the pandemic and by now everyone knows one issue: if you happen to want to enter public areas, it is essential to current your damaging Covid examine finish consequence inside 48 hours to have the power to enter. Nevertheless for many who already took a nucleic acid examine almost 24 hours prior to now and nonetheless haven’t gotten a finish consequence once more – or in case your outcomes all the sudden disappear, like our sister web site Jingkids Worldwide reported on WeChat before now week – That is what it’s best to do.

1. Be affected individual

Some nucleic acid examine outcomes are displayed inside 24 hours of the examine, nevertheless some outcomes are often not accessible for yet another 24 hours after. So biggest to attend patiently and entry the net web page later for the latest Covid examine finish consequence.

2. Confirm alongside together with your examine web site

Once you took your Covid examine in your neighborhood and also you proceed to haven’t obtained your examine finish consequence for larger than 24 hours, don’t panic. My neighborhood has instructed me that because of large number of people being examined every single day, it could be common to not hear from them for over 24 hours. As well as they talked about that people mustn’t give it some thought if their examine outcomes are taking longer than regular, as solely people who examine optimistic is likely to be notified immediately, so there’s really no should panic.

Nonetheless, when you’ve gotten had a Covid examine on the hospital and should urgently confirm your Covid outcomes, you presumably can try calling the hospital. Typically the hospital can entry your examine finish consequence sooner than your Jinangbao updates it to the system.

That is what it’s best to tell them:

我的健康宝上还没有查询到核酸结果,你能帮我看看吗?Wǒ de jiànkāng bǎo shàng hái méiyǒu cháxún dào hésuān jiéguǒ, nǐ néng bāng wǒ kàn kàn ma? (I nonetheless have no nuclear examine finish consequence on my Jiankangbao, can you confirm it for me?)

The hospital may ask you the subsequent question: 你什么时候做的核酸?超过24 小时了吗?Nǐ shénme shíhòu zuò de hésuān? Chāoguò 24 xiǎoshíliǎo ma?(When did you get your Covid examine? Has it been larger than 24 hours?)

If it has been larger than 24 hours since you took your Covid examine, you presumably can merely say:Shì de, chāoguò 24 xiǎoshíliǎo. Kěyǐ bāng wǒ kàn kàn chū jiéguǒle ma? (Certain. It has been larger than 24 hours. Can you help me seek for the tip consequence?)

If the hospital has already obtained your finish consequence, you may be capable of print your nucleic acid examine report on the hospital’s outpatient clinic just some hours later.

3.Confirm completely different platforms

In case you’ve gotten points with WeChat when attempting to entry your examine finish consequence, you might discover it in Alipay as correctly. That is what it’s best to do.

Go to your Alipay and click on on Healthcode.

Then click on on 立即查看 Lijí chákán, and just like that you might entry yours Jiankangbao as soon as extra via Alipay!

4. What if you happen to can’t entry yours? Jiankangbao on WeChat?

This doesn’t happen pretty usually, nevertheless usually you may not be able to entry yours Jiankangbao and you could even see a window saying Please try as soon as extra later as a result of the symptoms are weak and the group is unstable.

You presumably can resolve this concern by logging out and once more in. proceed:

First, click on on on the tab circled throughout the image below.

Press 退出登录 Tuìchū dēnglù, Enter your info and you could log in as soon as extra.

5. Presumably it’s a system enhance?

Just a few of you should have witnessed an incident similar to ultimate week the place all Covid examine outcomes had been erased from almost all of foreigners jiankangbaos.

This was because of a system enhance and when one factor like this happens all it is essential to do is postpone your plans briefly and wait patiently for the enhance to complete, largely by you Jiankangbao is likely to be once more to common the equivalent day.

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