Lancelot Pollard is rapidly rising through Don .’s youth ranks

From Aberdeen to Rangers: Lancelot Pollard rises rapidly through Don .’s youth ranks

Calendar Desk calendar icon.

Cancel Circle icon with a transverse diagonal line.

Caret Block arrow icon pointing correct.

E-mail Paper envelope icon.

Fb Fb “f” sign icon.

Google Google “G” sign icon.

Linked In In-Linked “in” sign icon.

Exit Icon representing logout.

Profile An icon resembling a human head and shoulders.

Cellphone Typical telephone receiver icon.

lice Look at mark icon.

Is it Public? Human eye and eyelashes icon.

Not frequent Human eye and eyelash icon with a diagonal line working through it.

Pause Icon Two-line pause icon to stop the interaction.

Quotation mark Opening quotes.

Quotation mark Closing quotes.

Arrows Arrow icon.

Folder Paper folder icon.

Reply Exclamation mark icon on spherical background.

Digicam Digital digicam icon.

Caret Caret arrow icon.

O’clock Clock face icon.

Shut X kind icon.

Shut Icon Icons used to characterize interacting places to interrupt down or shut components

Ellipsis Horizontal 3 dots icon.

Envelope Paper envelope icon.

Fb f fb model icon.

Digicam Digital digicam icon.

House Icon of a house.

Instagram Instagram model icon.

LinkedIn LinkedIn model icon.

Magnifying glass Magnifying glass icon.

Search Icon Magnifying glass icon used to characterize the search function.

Carry on Arrow icon pointing correct.

See Annotation marks centered inside a circle.

Beforehand Arrow icon pointing left.

Rating Star icon.

Tag Tags icon.

Twitter Twitter model icon.

Video digicam Video digicam kind icon.

Speech Bubble Icon Icon displaying speech bubble

What’s it WhatsApp model icon.

Knowledge Knowledge model icon.

Plus Mathematical ‘plus’ picture.

Size Icon displaying Time.

Look at Success Inexperienced tick icon.

Worthwhile Tick Timeout The success tick icon is gray.

Loading Spinner Loading spinner icon.


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